3 Big Mistakes Truckers Make

Trucking is and can be a great business and a great way to make a very good living. But it also has its own challenges too.

There are some things that people do that are not usually in their best interest, and yet many people do these same things again and again. So with all that in mind I thought I would share with you today three of the most common mistakes truckers make again and again.

Here are 3 of the big mistakes that truck drivers make, and that you can avoid repeating their mistakes;

  1. Failing to Get Enough Information – Too many people come into trucking based on very limited information from biased sources. Often the main source of information is marketing and recruiting from one or more motor carriers. That information is sales information and it is usually heavily slanted toward telling part of the story – and even then putting their side of that story in the very best light – while minimizing or omitting the rest of the details you really need.
  2. Not Having a Specific Plan and Goals – If you want to do better in trucking, make more money, have more enjoyable work, and do better over the long haul of your time in trucking, then this is essential. Yet most don’t have specific goals or any real plans at all, so they do not accomplish as much and they experience far more frustration and encounter many more problems than necessary.
  3. Relying Only On Truck Driving – No matter who you are or where you are in your career in trucking – you need to have a backup plan in business and in life. That has never been more true than it is today! Trucking is great – but you can and should develop additional skills and income production opportunities from other sources. That way you decrease the pressure on yourself, which makes life more enjoyable – and if the worst does happen for any reason you will be fine because you will already have additional sources of income and work you can do.

Make Better Choices Get Better Results

Now that you are aware of these things, the solutions are relatively simple and easy but they can make profound differences in the results you get and in the life you live because of it.

First get better information, better training, and better support.

There are a variety of ways you can start doing all that – and I suggest you start out by joining me and fellow entrepreneurs in our Trucking Business Success Facebook group. Just go to Facebook – search – find the group and answer the questions, then you will be inside with the rest of us very soon.

You will find that we are supportive and willing to help you and all other members succeed in trucking, in business, and in life.

You also need to set specific goals for your trucking business and for all areas of your life. That’s because each affects the others. Work affects your personal life and your personal life affects your work – it is all interconnected and interrelated, even though it may not seem so upfront.

I teach and encourage people to develop multiple streams of income through multiple income production opportunities and to tie them together when possible to get more from each. For example – let’s say you are a truck driver. You can also learn affiliate marketing, digital marketing, and other online entrepreneurship topics.

The things you learn will help you reallocate all that time wasted at shippers and receivers and elsewhere into income production opportunity time!

You can and will begin making extra money as you learn – and if you take it seriously and work hard, over time your income from your online business opportunities will exceed what you earn as a driver or as an owner operator!

Think about that. reread it and let it really sink in…

When you have such income in ADDITION to what you earn as a truck driver or owner operator – your life changes in all kinds of ways. One thing you will feel very soon is reduced stress, and you will be happier and more relaxed every day. Next, you and your family will be more secure (if you learn and follow what I will teach you) because you will be preparing for whatever may come, and you will be ready for it.

You will also be getting ahead in your work, in your business, and in your life – instead of just getting by. All of these things will help you enjoy your own trucking journey much more every day you are in tucking.

It also gives you options and creates more opportunities to do better in business and in your home life too.

If you want to learn more and start taking action that will help you do better – then come find us on faceBook today and join Trucking Business Success!