3 Things You Should Know About PDTC Transport

Years ago I started my career in trucking – and that was now well over two and a half decades ago and counting.

Back then there really was very little information available and what little there was mostly consisted of just propaganda and pontifications from the mega carriers and others seeking to recruit as many drivers as possible through any means they could.

So needless to say I had to learn a lot of lessons the hard way.

That took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears and a ton of time – but I did learn a massive amount of very useful information relating to trucking, to business, dealing with people and life in general.

All of it is in addition to lessons I had already learned from years of active duty military service, traveling all over much of the world and lessons I learned through even more years in real estate as an investor, agent, property manager, and broker.

I loved trucking from the beginning – most of it anyway – though there are certain things that are challenges and some things I do not like too.

What I realized early in life was that I wanted to build a business heavily involved in training and helping other people – that much I have always known since I was about 18 (and I’m in my mid 50’s as of the time of this article!). In fact, I began formally training and teaching other people when I was only 18 and have continued ever since.

Most of the training I conducted over the years whether military, real estate, trucking, business, or other topics were all done face to face and eyeball to eyeball. Sometimes it was one on one training, but usually, it was small groups of students/trainees ranging from about 3 to 25 or so more often than not.

Other times it would be larger groups of around 50 or so, and on a few occasions of over 100 people or more – but most often it was small groups, which I really enjoyed and have always felt very comfortable with once I had the first few classes under my belt anyway.

In trucking, I conducted thousands of orientations, safety meeting, driver training sessions, and I have personally conducted multiple thousands of road tests on truck drivers ranging from drivers who were brand new to trucking to experienced drivers with well over 40 years of experience – and every level of experience in between.

For many years I ran a truck driver training school and was a licensed instructor there myself as well as selecting and training other instructors for the school.

Though the school was owned by someone else – I designed it, founded it, set it up, and ran it the entire time it operated and I personally trained countless students from the point of having a permit all the way through to getting their CDL.

Then many of the graduates were hired by the parent motor carrier that owned the school, and they entered into a road training program there which I also created and ran. They were trained by trainers I handpicked and all of whom were trained by me personally too.

Many of these students eventually became experienced drivers themselves and some stayed with me there for more than a decade – a few even became trainers themselves eventually. That is a very rewarding feeling to see the success of people as they go from rookie to experienced driver to trainer.

Over the years many of the drivers I trained eventually became owner-operators and a few even started and ran their own small fleets.

Online Training and Training Publications

Eventually, I discovered a wonderful thing – Udemy.

Udemy is a massive online learning platform – or in other words – an online school that has thousands of courses that anyone, anywhere in the world can take at their own pace any time they want to. The classes are also incredibly affordable.

I currently have 19 courses on Udemy (as of the time of this article/post and I am working on new courses now too) as well as a few courses on other platforms.

That led me to exploring other ways that I can reach more people easily and more cost-effectively, and that effort continues. That is also why I have recently launched our YouTube channels.

Beyond that, I have several books published on amazon and more on the way, and I will be releasing in-depth physical copy training manuals in combination with the main courses I teach. Combined and along with access to my groups and networks they offer you the opportunity to get very detailed and in-depth training that otherwise simply would not be realistically affordable or possible.

This training, specialized information, and the other resources available to you can help you reach your goals and change your life across the board for the better – and help you keep doing better from now on too.

How PDTC Transport Came to Exist and Why

Below are three things I want you to know about PDTC Transport and how it can help you;

1. PDTC Transport is a website and youtube channel and other resources that are the legacy of the school (which was called PDTC and stood for Professional Drivers Training Center) I founded and operated and it continues the mission of training truck drivers and other trucking professionals in topics that can help them build their own trucking careers and trucking businesses successfully. Though I do not currently teach any hands-on driving skills personally – I do teach trucking career, trucking business, entrepreneurship, personal development, and many other related courses to help you do better in any business and in life.

2. Transport Resource Solutions LLC is a training, publishing and consulting company providing specialized information, training, manuals, books, services, products, and other resources to truck drivers, trucking business owners, and other business owners/entrepreneurs and any individual seeking to do better in their work, in their businesses, and in their lives on a continuous basis. PDTC Transport sites, channels, groups, and other resources are all owned by Transport Resource Solutions LLC. My name is L.D. Sewell and I am the founder and owner of Transport Resource Solutions LLC and multiple other websites, YouTube channels, and other resources all designed to help you build choose your own course and build a better life on a continuous basis.

3. PDTC Transport – along with the information, tools, and resources you have access to through it, can dramatically help you do far better and do it far faster than otherwise possible. Think of it as a template and a trip planning resource for your career, your business, and your life. It is also growing, and evolving and will offer even more resources to you in the future too. In short, it is intended to give you access to every conceivable thing that you need and that I wish I had had when I started my own career so many years ago. It just needs one more thing right now – it needs YOU!

If you want to do better in trucking – whether that is as a driver, as an owner-operator, freight broker, fleet owner – or any other trucking-related career or business – I can help you.

While I do not know everything and have never claimed to either – I do know far more than a little about the topics I cover, teach, and provide information on. I am willing to share everything I know – and everything I continue to learn too. I will share it all with you if you want it.

One of the best ways to get started is to take some of my courses on UDEMY now and also to join my networks and groups as well as subscribe to my YouTube channels, in addition to reading this blog and any of my other blogs you may be interested in.

Once you are a student in any course of mine you can send me a personal message there and I will answer you back – but please do keep in mind that I am extremely busy and it may be a day or two – but I will get back to you!

You can also join any of my Facebook groups or my networks and get my help there too.

Life is what you make it – so make yours a great life!

I wish you all the best in all you do in your work, business, and life – and let me know if you want my help as you set your own goals and build your own version of a better life.

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell